Archived --- Alison's Restaurant
Abingdon, VA

Note: The original owners are no longer running this place, so I can't guarantee that the same high quality of food is served here (as of 4/07).

1220 West Main St.
Abingdon, VA 24210

We have a new winner, my fellow food lovers!!! We checked this place out. When we were there, even though it was at peak eating time (6:30), this place ran like a well-oiled Italian olive! We did have reservations.....which I would highly suggest.... it is very crowded (as any good restaurant should be at 6:30 on a Saturday). We arrived about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and waited about 2 minutes for our table - - pretty smooth! Because I know my fellow eater-ees (ok, I made that up) would want to know....I had the crab cake appetizer.... MMMMMM hhhhhhhhhhh... I must say... what they did with crab.... I believe I want to try the seafood next time! And you KNOW how I am dying to find a GREAT seafood restaurant! But alas, my compadres... I had to check out their famous ribs... yes, I am eagerly continuing my self-appointed quest for the PERFECT ribs. ----- but patience my friends.. I had to sample their potato soup. I don't usually go for the preliminaries... but this was highly suggested by one of my trusted restaurant searchers. I must say, I was not disappointed. The soup was very tasty and reminded me of good comfort food. The next time I am in need of some comfort food... I am going to think of this soup! After this, I got to sample their ribs.... yes, my friends.... I was impressed! I used my fork to easily pull the meat from the rib bones.... this is my test for tenderness (every scientist knows that sometimes, the best method is simple observation!). The taste was superb! I must say that slow cooking had to be the result of this fine fare! My friends tried the Creole dish... I had to take a picture of this (reminiscent of New Orleans..)... and the stir-fry.

Overall guys... I would suggest that you take advantage of this fine restaurant so close to us! I would not lead you astray!



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: If you are looking for fresh seafood I would strongly suggest the Riverfront in Kingsport. They have the stuff trucked in twice weekly and can get just about anything you want...fresh!

Sorry guys, I'll cook you at home, but I don't order chicken out!

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