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Jack White Drive (behind O'Charlies), Kingsport, TN

Those of you who have lived in Kingsport for a while probably know exactly where this place is, and have probably eaten there for a while now. Not I.... Yes, I briefly saw this restaurant when I went to sign up for my cable service 4 years ago when we moved back to Kingsport at the Charter Communications building. There was this restaurant sitting back at the end of the street. What's that? Then I completely forgot about it. We were out this past weekend looking for a restaurant that we had not tried before, and through trying to take a shortcut to someplace else, we ended up going right by this place. Hey! Let's eat here! So we parked.... there was alot of space... which always concerns me. We went in and there was a typical line (it was peak feed time... 7pm). The line wasn't too long so we added our names, and waited. The host and hostess were really nice people, but they were senior Americans (politically correct).

Very good at their jobs and they really made you feel like you were going home... home-home, where your mom had hot chocolate warming just waiting to pass out the cocoa...hhhmmm... nice. I started looking around and realized that the clientele there were all senior Americans. In fact, no one seemed to be under 60. Well, I started getting nervous again. I thought that this was suppose to be an upscale Italian restaurant, and I start thinking "blue plate special!" I have no problem with cafeteria food, however, I really wanted a nice real Italian dinner, maybe with a nice Italian wine. So we started talking to the people in line... "so, how's the food." "Have you eaten here before?" so forth.... All over 60......OK, now I was more concerned, but our table was ready and it was too late to leave. We sat down.

Our waitress came over and took our drink order. Yes, they had wine. I got the menu and started looking over the selection. A very unexpected thing happened! The menu looked really good. In fact, the selections looked so good that I started thinking..... I want to order 2-3 dishes because I couldn't choose! OK, I started getting a bit excited since I didn't see fried chicken, green beans with a side of mashed potatoes. This looked like real Italian food... exactly what I wanted! I ordered the lemon Pepper Salmon with a side of fettuccine..

I kept looking around and it was apparent that this was an ongoing family ran business. They had a 13 yr. old boy bussing the tables and a 15 yr. old waitress (among the others). I heard "Grandma..... Grandpa" alot, and the younger boy and girl were bickering like siblings do. I started getting a really good feeling. You just don't see this kind of restaurant anymore..... sad, but true. This restaurant has probably been in this family for a long time, and I bet the young boy and girl will someday take over.

Our food came, and yes, the smell was heavenly. The salmon was cooked to perfection... not dry, and it was seasoned just right. My fettuccine was not the low fat kind... you know what I am talking about..... yummy.. I'll start my diet tomorrow kind of fettuccine.

Overall, I rate this place very high. I will definitely go here again and try those other dishes that I had a hard time not choosing.

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: If you are looking for fresh seafood I would strongly suggest the Riverfront in Kingsport. They have the stuff trucked in twice weekly and can get just about anything you want...fresh!

Sorry guys, I'll cook you at home, but I don't order chicken out!

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