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Johnson City, TN

This is a new restaurant in Johnson City, TN off of State of Franklin and in front of Lowes. If you like Italian/Greek food.... you've found it. The ambiance could use some improvement -- you are sitting at the too small tables packed in way too tight, you're left with ducking as people wizz by you carrying head-hurtful objects. Other than that.... I give this restaurant at least a 3 spoon salute!

I've been to Carrabbas twice with two different parties, I do like to socialize with a variety of personalities! The first experience, we had call ahead waiting and you couldn't squeeze through the door to even scream at the bartender for a pre-dinner refreshment. So some of us wandered around the parking lot, but those brave souls, you know who you are...., stayed and lined the walls hoping that the next name called was .....xxxxx. I've developed a new Janetism for this situation... If you pull into a restaurant parking lot and there is absolutely NO parking spaces available, your looking at at least an hour and half wait. Any one want to chime in on this little wager? How long is the wait if the lot is full .... e-mail me your guesses at

I mention the ambiance as this is a big part of the dining experience for me so the ambiance gets a 2 silver spoons from me.

Now on to the good stuff, and yes, I mean good and yummy stuff. Those of you know me know that I have the slight love of fresh seafood ... shellfish mainly, but any good fresh seafood will do. Unfortunately in the mountains of Tennessee, although beautiful, just doesn't provide the fresh seafood I crave. WITH the exception of the RIVERFRONT on Riverfront road. Excellent quality, and I have a small idea that Riverfront just may be supplying Carrabbas with their seafood... hmmmm. This calls for an investigation! Regardless I have the lightly breaded sea scallops and shrimp in spice and grilled with a side of perfectly steamed broccoli. I savored each bite of the perfectly prepared, cooked and presented dish. As the rest of my party was looking around inquiring as to the other's dishes....yes, mine is nice...very good....then me...mines good but they just don't give you enough portions to be able to share with friends. Yes, that's right. I had plenty of food, but it was the best scallop and shrimp dish I had eaten in years, nay, decades! No one was getting a little tail piece from my coveted dish. Ok... it got a little tense there for a bit, but once everyone settled down, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and experience. The wait staff was very attentive and polite, service was very fast, and no mistakes. You didn't feel rushed or you didn't have to ask for refills.

So the total Carrabbas experience gets a 5 silver spoon Rating!!! I would highly recommended it.


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: If you are looking for fresh seafood I would strongly suggest the Riverfront in Kingsport. They have the stuff trucked in twice weekly and can get just about anything you want...fresh!

Sorry guys, I'll cook you at home, but I don't order chicken out!

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