Archived --- Dixie Barbecue
Roan Street, Johnson City, TN

The dining experience started with sitting at a little knee-knock table covered in a cheesy plastic table cloth at the back of a very crowded room with a TV overhead playing a rerun of Andy Griffith. The owner was circulating through the restaurant .... big guy you could picture tossing you out if you said anything bad about Andy Griffith, the Great States of the Confederate (the South), and heaven forbid the fried potatoes.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich (small---although I really came close to the large--- I was very hungry) with 2 side items. My dining companion ordered the same and with the prompting of the owner (remember the big guy?)... the fried potatoes instead of the French fries.
The menu listed a dill pickle as one of the side items.

Lunch is Served
As the waitress weaved her way through the tables, I noticed that she was carrying one of those really BIG trays. I thought, "Wow! She has about 3 tables' worth of food here." She stops at our little space and proceeds to deposit all the food on our table. The small sandwich was as big as my hand with all five fingers spread out as big as I could make it, and the pulled pork was piled so high it naturally mounded in the middle. Do you remember the movie, "Close Encounter?" Where the star of the movie went nuts and put a huge mound of dirt in his living room to represent a mountain where they made contact with aliens? Well, I could hear that music in the background as I looked at this sandwich. Although instead of Aliens being around, Otis was weaving his way to his usual cell from his weekly drinking binge above me. I had to cut my small sandwich in half and mash it down as much as possible to cram a small portion of it into my mouth. Pretty soon the sauce was running down my hand, I couldn't put the sandwich down because it started falling apart and I couldn't pick it up again. I kept it in my left hand while forking slaw in after every bite. I usually put the slaw on my sandwich before I eat it, but there was absolutely no room left on the bun, and I wasn't going without!

Now you are probably wondering at this total disregard of eating etiquette. I am not making excuses mind you, but this was an intricate part of this experience! I guiltily looked around the restaurant and saw men in suit and ties and women in pant suits and skirts doing the same thing that I was, and all the while the owner was weaving through these tiny little tables laughing and talking with his guests to the point where you just wanted to kick off your shoes, lean back in the little metal chairs and order that big dill pickle you saw on the menu!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this was the best barbecue sandwich that I've had the fortune to put in my mouth! I was impressed and would strongly urge my fellow food lovers to experience this place first hand. Be prepared to enjoy yourself.

As I drove around the building to exit the parking lot, I passed the take out window properly labeled "Pig-Out Window." I pulled over for a moment of silence that this place deserved.

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: If you are looking for fresh seafood I would strongly suggest the Riverfront in Kingsport. They have the stuff trucked in twice weekly and can get just about anything you want...fresh!

Sorry guys, I'll cook you at home, but I don't order chicken out!

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