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Well, this one has been a time coming. Everytime I mention going out to eat.... good restaurants.... so forth, I always hear, "have you been to the Troutdale?" Well, this past month, I finally got around to going to the Troutdale. Sorry folks, the reputation is much better than the experience. I was disappointed with the service. The food was all right; however, I have eaten at 4 star restaurants before...sorry... this wasn't it. The food was good, don't get me wrong, but I actually think Galloway's in Johnson City was much better (quality of food and service). Unfortunately, Galloway's has just been closed.... please take a moment of silence at their passing.....

We had reservations and were seated pretty quickly... very good sign. We got there at 7 PM and were seated at 7:05 PM Our waiter got to our table at 7:35 PM (first time) and asked us what we wanted to drink. I ordered a glass of wine. He came back to our table (with the wine) at 8:03 PM. We ordered. We got the Oysters appetizers, and I ordered the trout (it is the troutdale...). We got our Oysters at 8:33 PM. They weren't cut from the shell. Sorry guys, when you serve oysters you are suppose to remove them from the shell unless you are Jim's Oyster Shack. Our food got there at 9:03 PM and I was out of wine so I ordered another while he was putting our plates down. At 9:37 PM we were finished with dinner and I still had no wine.

We were sharing his glass of water (he long since ran out of iced tea... and I had long since ran out of water myself... and we were both looking at the water in the flower vase). I actually called to our absentee waiter from across the room and told him to bring our check and forget about the wine. He actually seemed startled! That was the biggest surprise of them all!

During this whole escapade, I thought, "well, maybe it's just our waiter... he's just a moron." But, no, everyone around us was waiting hours for their food. Unbelievable! Two couples left after sitting with empty glasses for 30 minutes and no food. I unfortunately, thought that I had to play this out for my readers... as I just knew you would want to know of my experience here.

As you know, I judge a restaurant on food quality, taste and service. A restaurant like the Troutdale with such a good reputation for excellent food should have done better than this.

Our bill was for $90 (dinner for 2). I don't think I am going to give them another chance for this kind of price. Sorry Troutdale, I give you a thumbs down. My suggestion for my readers... if you want a very nice meal with excellent service, go to Galloways in Johnson City. They have just moved from their quaint (but crowded) house into the Carnigie Hotel.... nice digs. (I heard that they got an unbelievable deal on the rent since the Carnigie was having a hard time keeping the doors open).

The opinions in this column are the personal opinions of the writer based on his/her own experiences. As with all restaurant reviews, this opinion is subjective to the writer's tastes and preferences and may not be your own.


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: If you are looking for fresh seafood I would strongly suggest the Riverfront in Kingsport. They have the stuff trucked in twice weekly and can get just about anything you want...fresh!

Sorry guys, I'll cook you at home, but I don't order chicken out!

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