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You have just found the best source on the Internet to finally get that

So.... you are looking to advance your career, or get a better job or maybe you are recently downsized. Unfortunately a lot of that is going on right now, and if you haven't been downsized you better be prepared to be let go at least once in your career.....

Good news!
Don't be discouraged, because you have just found the one company that can: Significantly increase your chances of getting an interview! Significantly improve your interview abilities and techniques and get the job offer! Significantly increase your salary and get benefits you never thought you could get!

Why should I have my resume developed?

You may say, "but I have a computer, I could type my own resume." You could. In fact, you could pay one of these copy places to "typeset" your employment history and print it off on some nice paper. Well, what's stopping you? Why are you even looking for "resumes" or "cover letters" on the Internet?

A resume is a sales tool.

Anyone with a computer can type up an "Employment History." It takes specialized skill and know-how to develop an EFFECTIVE resume. You want a resume that a prospective employer will say, "Oh man, we've got to get this guy/lady in for an interview!" THAT is what you are really after.

Remember - your resume will get you into a job interview 99% of the time.... Make sure you know who you are trusting with your PAYCHECK!
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In response to the rising unemployment rate and current recession, we are offering -- for a limited time only

Resume Critique / Resume Rewriting
OPTION 1 - Does your existing resume just need a bit of tweaking? We are offering an existing resume critique with suggested improvements or we will write your resume from our brief questionnaire. This option comes with an electronic copy (MS Word format) of your resume, one draft with any updates or revision
This is a great option for a resume rewrite or a new graduate!
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Resume Development / Resume Writing
OPTION 2 - Want to get the most for your money? Need to reinvent yourself? Then let us do the writing -- ground up! This option comes with questionnaires (if needed), a one-on-one personal consultation with our resume writer (30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the package), one draft with any updates or revisions and an electronic copy (MS Word format) of your resume as well as storage on our hard drive for easy retrieval and updates. You will want to start HERE if you are serious about a job or career change.
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Why should I have my resume developed?

Well, do you want
-- More Money$$$
--Better Career Opportunities
--Advancement, etc.

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