Resume Development Packages

Determine your category. This is what YOU WANT TO BE if you are a career changer. If you are continuing your career, this is what you are.

  • Professional: Engineering, technical, accounting, lower management, IT, administrative..... etc...
  • Executive: Managers, Retail Managers, Sr. Manager, CEO, Director, president of company, owner of company, Plant Manager, etc......
  • Professional Sales: Industrial, technical or pharmaceutical
Resume Development Packages


If you are a new graduate, or a first time job seeker, you can begin with this package.......

You get:
----current / extisting resume critique or brief questionnaire
----6 months retain by APS

----Electronic Copy of your resume as a Word Document


If you have 5+ yrs. work experience, begin with this package.......

You get:
extensive questionnaire
45-60 minute professional resume consultation
One electronic (1) proof
6 months retain by APS

Electronic Copy of your resume as a Word Document
(Executive Packages: Silver Level I & II)

More Money$$$, Better Career Opportunities, Advancement, etc.  

We offer full resume development and career coaching. -- Please note that we do resume development exclusively--- no retypes.

When you are serious about your career.... call us.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time at our discretion.
Please contact us for updated and complete pricing information.

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