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Welcome to our restaurant review page! I hope you take the time to visit the rest of the site! It is our goal to offer suggestions on where to get good food. These reviews are of our personal experience at these establishments.

Pratt's Barbecue
Kingsport, TN

If you've been to Kingsport and wandering on Stone Drive, you've seen this restaurant before.... it's the big naked Indian standing two stories high that pretty much gives it away. Yep, folks, we're talking about barbecue again. No offense to Dixie (Johnson City), but these cowpokes have it going on. After trying and failing to look up the Indian's loincloth just to see what's up there, you come into a fairly small dinning room with booths and tables and a couple of bonified porch swings for the porch setting/eating. I'm packing twins now so it's a mite tricky getting into and out of places and the way this dining room is set up, it's definitely non-double stroller friendly. However, the staff couldn't be nicer and have always accommodated our paraphernalia.... extra chairs, bags, stroller, etc. It's insane all the stuff we just "have to have." I made fun of people like me not too long ago. Anyway, back to the grub.... I take a pork sandwich with cole slaw plus a cole slaw on the side (sorry, they don't put that much on the sandwich and what's a pork barbecue sandwich without the coleslaw??) The baked beans are good, but stay away from the potato salad.... hmmmm... are these people from the south? Potato salad is like.... staple here. They do serve beer to quench the thirst so that earns at least one spoon there.

Overall, I'd go back here to chow. It's clean, good service, good food and beverages are many. Next time, I'm going for the front porch swing seat!

So the total Pratts Barbecue experience gets a 4 silver spoon Rating!!! I would recommended it.

The opinions in this column are the personal opinions of the writer based on his/her own experiences. As with all restaurant reviews, this opinion is subjective to the writer's tastes and preferences and may not be your own.

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Sushi: Edos, Colonial Heights.
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: If you are looking for fresh seafood I would strongly suggest the Riverfront in Kingsport. They have the stuff trucked in twice weekly and can get just about anything you want...fresh!

Sorry guys, I'll cook you at home, but I don't order chicken out!

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