What is..... Resume Development?

What is a Resume Service?
A resume service company is basically a typing service. You give them the information, and they type it up on a computer. They may or may not correct for grammar and (hopefully) spell check. With this service, you are responsible for what goes in the resume. Basically, you write it.

We don't offer resume services. We are strictly a Resume Development Company (see below).

What is Resume Development?
Our process is very different! (can't stress that enough) You will come in (or we can do this by phone for our out of state clients) and fill out an extensive questionnaire that we have developed. The questionnaire that you will use will depend on what package you choose from, what your career is now and what you want your career to be. After you fill out the questionnaire, we will sit down and talk. We will get to know YOU, your ABILITIES, your CAPABILITIES, your GOALS and where you want your career to go. After that, we WRITE your resume. We decide what goes in and what stays out.

We do NOT do cookie cutter resumes. Everyone is an individual with individual goals and circumstances. We will produce a unique document to best market YOU. As such, we only work appointments to best serve our clients, and to provide you with focused, individual attention.

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What about Interview Training?
What about Salary Negotiation Coaching?

Your resume is an investment!

It can - and will - directly impact your earning potential and career direction.


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