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All services provided by Absolute Professional Services are subject to the following Terms, Conditions and Policies.

To start work..............

A signed statement must be provided by the Client at the time of submission of work to Absolute Professional Services. The statement will indicate that the Client accepts these Terms & Conditions.

Resume Services Payment and Delivery Policy

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required before work starts. Client will be furnished a proof to correct/change. Once the final resume is delivered to the client via email, the balance of the package is due.


To start the process, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is due. The questionnaires will be emailed to you for completion. Once you fill out the questionnaire(s), we will do the professional resume consultation, which takes about 30 minutes to 1 hr. 15 minutes (depending on the package you choose). After our consultation with you, it takes 2-3 days to 2 weeks to develop a resume depending on our client load. When the resume is written, you will be notified and a draft will be emailed to you for your review. The final payment is due at this time. If you choose a package with interview training and salary negotiation coaching, we will make the appointments then. All career counseling appointments are made in the evening at 6:30 PM or later to minimize or eliminate any interruptions.

Notes: Packages must be completed within 30 days of the date of the signed work order to assure package price. If work exceeds 30 days, the client will agree to pay the difference of any price increases. Unless agreed upon by both parties, all work must be completed within 60 days from the date of the work order or the deposit will be forfeited and any further work will be subject to restarting the package, including pricing.

Refund Policy

In the unlikely event (and I mean unlikely) that a client requires a refund, the refund will be based on prorating the amount of work completed minus the 50% nonrefundable deposit.

Our services are confidential. The job candidate does not have to be included in our recruiting database. If you want to be included in our recruiting database, please let us know. Our recruiting services are FREE to our Job Candidates and allows us to actively seek that perfect fit for your career.

Please note that these Terms of Service only apply to our Resume Development Clients and Job Candidate Services.


For our Employer Terms of Service please refer to our contract.

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